Teenagers in Malaysia

28 10 2008

Nowadays,Malaysia have so many teenagers at every corner of Malaysia,that will be a good news to us and a new hope to ” new Malaysia”,especially when the election on 8 March 2008.they are contribute so many votes to us-Pakatan Rakyat..

8 March 2008 it was a special and so meaningful to our loving country-Malaysia,it is a new era of our party,we will never forget that day forever..All the people at Malaysia had changed,they start wake up one by one already,they want a new and better life stlye on this land.Finally,they start to change it.They are become more brave and clever,because they are not believe BN anymore.Just a day,we become the goverment of Pulau Pinang,Perak,Selangor,Kedah and also Kelantan.It was a great results for us and also the people had vote us when election,thank you very much…thank you for let us become more confidence and give yourself a more suitable choice.
As a teenager also,i know we have many supporter of teenagers,and i know teenagers of nowadays are chosing us more than the old citizen,but we are facing a big problem,that was a majority if youngster are support us on behind and they are not interesting to become our leader of party,why they have this idea on their mind???the answer is so simple,it is because they are already lose their confidence to Malaysia Politic.It is due to BN had cheat us 50 more years ago,and the policy-policy of them are not fair for all the resident on Malaysia.So it cause them hate politic.As we know,teenagers are mean so much for us,if a party without teenagers,it will be close down once all the old man are gone.
Thus,we have to organize more activity to let them know and concern more about Malaysia politic,and we must let them join the party and know what actually we want!We must push up them to give them more chance to contribute to the party and let them know more details about our country.If not it will become a crisis for Malaysia in the future.
So from now,we have to working together and be more brave to save our country,and our teenagers must come out to vote,support and also leading our party,we need you…….
From Naib Ketua AMK keADILan Batu Pahat
Raymond Chua



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